Celebrate the Holidays with bake the Cookie Shoppe's Decadent December Delights!

As the holiday season twinkles across the Las Vegas skyline, the air at bake the Cookie Shoppe is rich with the scent of fresh-baked cookies and festive cheer. This December, we're rolling out an array of special flavors and elegant gift options to make your holidays even more memorable.

A Flavor for Every Festive Fancy

Our kitchens have been buzzing with activity, creating the perfect blend of classic favorites and unique seasonal offerings. Here’s a sneak peek at what we have in store:

  1. Classic Chocolate Chip: A timeless treat that brings comfort and joy to every bite.
  2. Oreo Milkshake: This cookie is a creamy dream, combining the beloved flavors of Oreos in a delectable new way.
  3. Peanut Butter: For the peanut butter aficionados, this cookie is a rich, nutty delight.
  4. Ube Crinkle: Our bestseller and a fan favorite, the Ube Crinkle is a unique, colorful, and utterly delicious treat.
  5. Chocolate Peppermint Chip (Limited Edition): Embodying the spirit of the holidays, this minty, chocolatey creation is available only in December.
  6. Chocolate Chip Walnut: A crunchy, nutty twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie - a must-try for nut lovers.

Gifts Wrapped in Elegance

Our cookies are more than just a tasty snack; they're a full sensory experience. This holiday season, we're offering our cookies in beautifully designed, elegant packaging, making them the ideal gift for friends, family, and colleagues. Each box of cookies is a token of luxury and care, perfect for expressing your warmest holiday wishes.

Exciting Store Update

As we prepare to welcome you to our new location at 6530 S Decatur Blvd #600, we're filled with anticipation and gratitude. The final touches are being added, with flooring completion expected this Friday. Our team is working diligently on the final stages, including equipment setup and inspections, to open our doors as soon as possible. We're incredibly excited to share this new chapter with all of you!

Join Us in Celebration

This holiday season, let bake the Cookie Shoppe be a part of your celebrations. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift, a treat for your holiday gatherings, or simply want to indulge in a little festive joy, our cookies are sure to brighten your days.

We're more than just a bakery; we're a community. And as we count down to the holidays and the opening of our new store, we want to thank you, our valued customers, for your ongoing support and love.

From all of us at bake the Cookie Shoppe, we wish you a holiday season filled with sweetness and joy!

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