Celebrate with Cookie Cakes from bake the Cookie Shoppe in Las Vegas!

Oreo Milkshake Cookie Cake

Dive into Deliciousness with bake the Cookie Shoppe's 54 oz Cookie Cakes!

At bake the Cookie Shoppe in Las Vegas, our cookie cakes aren't just treats; they're a grand gesture of celebration! Priced at $65, each 54 oz cookie cake serves up joy and deliciousness that can be shared among 6-12 people, depending on how you slice it. Here's everything you need to know about our scrumptious, oversized delights.

A Generous Size for Generous Celebrations

Our 54 oz cookie cakes are generously sized to ensure there’s enough sweetness to go around. Whether you’re serving it as the main dessert at a small party or as a part of a larger dessert spread, each cake offers flexibility in serving sizes. Slice it into larger pieces for a group of 6 for a satisfying treat, or cut smaller slices to serve up to 12 guests.

Flavor for Every Fancy

For $65, choose from nearly any flavor available at our shop. Our variety includes beloved classics like chocolate chip, adventurous choices like salted caramel, and delightful seasonal offerings. Each flavor is crafted using the finest ingredients, ensuring that every bite is as memorable as the last.

Free Local Delivery Until We Open Our Doors

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy our cookie cakes. That’s why we’re offering free local delivery in Las Vegas until our store officially opens. Whether you’re planning a special event or just want to treat yourself, we bring the celebration right to your doorstep.

Customizable to Celebrate Your Way

Add a personal touch to your cookie cake with customized messages, a variety of icing options, and your favorite toppings. Our cakes are designed to not only taste incredible but also to look stunning, making them the perfect centerpiece for any gathering.

Freshly Baked in Las Vegas

Located at 6430 S Decatur Blvd, our cookie cakes are baked fresh daily. Our dedicated bakers have a passion for pastry excellence, ensuring that each cookie cake is a perfect combination of flavor and finesse.

Exceptional Service Every Step of the Way

At bake the Cookie Shoppe, exceptional customer service is our promise. Order your cookie cake online at BakeTheCookieShoppe.com, or give us a call at 702-530-2336. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and TikTok @bakethecookieshoppe for more updates and baking inspiration.

Join the festivities with a cookie cake from bake the Cookie Shoppe, where every slice is a taste of celebration! 🍪🎉

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