Best New Ramen in Las Vegas

A Delicious Adventure: bake the Cookie Shoppe Team Tastes Neko Ramen

Hey there, cookie lovers! 🍪 Your favorite team from bake the Cookie Shoppe recently embarked on a savory adventure outside the sweet realm of cookies. This time, our destination was Neko Ramen at 5115 Spring Mountain Rd Suite 119, Las Vegas, NV 89146, a new spot making waves in Chinatown, Las Vegas. And let me tell you, it was an experience too good not to share!

We're all about exceptional flavors and experiences, whether it's in the form of our famous cookies or discovering new culinary gems around town. Neko Ramen, with its cozy vibes and mouth-watering dishes, became our latest exploration. The whole team, plus some little special guests (our kids!), dove into the world of ramen together.

The Best Ramen Ever? Parker Thinks So!

Our adventure's highlight was watching Parker, one of our youngest team members, declare his bowl "the best ramen ever!" His enthusiasm was contagious, and we all quickly found our favorites on the menu.

Spicy Tonkatsu & Neko Black: Our Top Picks

For the spice lovers, the Spicy Tonkatsu ramen is a dream come true, packing bold flavors without overwhelming the delicate balance of the broth and noodles. But the showstopper? The Neko Black. This black garlic ramen is a complex masterpiece, a must-try for any ramen enthusiast or those looking to venture beyond the usual.

Beyond Ramen

Of course, it wasn't all about ramen. We indulged in various sides and appetizers, each offering a unique taste that added to our overall experience. From crispy gyoza to savory bao, Neko Ramen's menu had something for everyone.

A Sweet Ending

We love gifting our cookies to the people who serve us, so we took a box of our cookies and delivered them to the Neko Ramen Team. Hope they enjoy them!

Join Us On Our Culinary Adventure!

We've captured the highlights of our ramen adventure in our latest YouTube video. Join us as we share laughs, enjoy some of the best ramen Las Vegas has to offer, and make our way through the bustling streets of Chinatown to Neko Ramen at 5115 Spring Mountain Rd Suite 119. Don't miss this fun-filled journey, and as always, stay tuned for more adventures and the best cookies in town!

Check out the video HERE, and don't forget to follow Neko Ramen on Instagram @nekoramensama for a peek into their delicious world!

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