Vegas Food Coma Finds the Best Cookies in Vegas at bake the Cookie Shoppe!

In the city that never sleeps (and never stops eating), it can be a challenge to stand out among the culinary stars that fill the Las Vegas Valley. That's why we were over the moon when Micah from Vegas Food Coma declared bake the Cookie Shoppe as his new go-to spot for cookies in Vegas! 🍪✨

A Cookie Experience Like No Other

Micah's visit was nothing short of a flavor fiesta. From Pandan to Ube, and let's not forget the Blueberry Muffin, he gave some of our unique flavors a try. According to Micah, each cookie was a taste sensation on its own, but stacking them together took his taste buds to cloud nine! ☁️🌈

The Highlights

Pandan Cookie: An exotic experience that brings the tropical flavors straight to the Las Vegas desert.

Ube Cookie: Purple, pretty, and packed with flavor. The Ube Cookie is a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Blueberry Muffin Cookie: Breakfast or dessert? Why not both! This cookie captures the comforting flavors of a fresh blueberry muffin.

A Big Thank You!

We wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks to Micah from @vegas_food_coma for visiting us and for sharing his delicious journey through our cookie wonderland. Be sure to follow him on Instagram for the best culinary experiences around Vegas and beyond! You can also check out his hashtag #lvfoodcoma for more delicious content.

Want to Experience the Best Cookies in Vegas?

Don't just take Micah's word for it; come and see for yourself! With a variety of flavors that change seasonally, there's always something new to try at bake the Cookie Shoppe. Head on over to our website to browse the full menu and place your order today!

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