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Box of 6 Cookies - Monthly Subscription

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🍪 bake the Cookie Shoppe Monthly Subscription Box 🍪

Your favorite Las Vegas cookies are now just a subscription away! With the bake the Cookie Shoppe Monthly Subscription Box, you’ll get a delightful assortment of our latest cookie flavors delivered to your doorstep.

Your Choices:

  • Box of 12: A dozen of our monthly flavor picks for you to enjoy.
  • Box of 6: A curated collection of 6 cookies featuring our flavor highlights of the month.

Shipping Details:

  • No Shipping Costs for dozens within California & Nevada.
  • A Simple $10 Shipping Fee for dozens shipped outside of these states.
  • Local Delivery for $7 or standard UPS shipping for the half-dozen box.

Why Subscribe?

  • Fresh-Baked Variety: Each box brings a new array of flavors to discover and love.
  • Top-Notch Service: Impeccable customer care is baked into every step.
  • Hassle-Free: Automatically receive your cookies every month—no extra work required.

Join the Club: Subscribe to the bake the Cookie Shoppe Monthly Subscription Box today, and let us treat you to a monthly batch of sweetness.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Aileen Duffek
    Super delicious

    They were all so delicious. Love the variety of flavors and the beautiful gift box.

    A dozen of delicious cookies!

    I ordered a dozen cookies and all the cookie flavors were delicious! Everyone enjoyed it! Can’t wait to order more! Thank you!

    Ferrie T
    Yummy Cookies

    Very tasty and moist. Love the packaging as well. Highly recommended.

    J Smith
    Great cookies

    The ube cookies are absolutely the best cookies I have had.

    Hannah G
    Fast and Tasty!

    Bake originally caught my eye because of their pandan cookies and I then fell in loooove with their ube crinkle! The boxes I have gotten have all shipped quickly and in great condition all the way to Houston, Texas, even when the weather is sweltering. Highly recommend!